Personal Statement

My name is Hailey Pham. I have always been attracted to art ever since I received my first colored pencils that my pare18552801_844210715729798_1415752479_onts bought me for my 3-year-old birthday. I began coloring, drawing by myself which I still do now, but aside from that I also started painting, making crafts, doing makeup… and I just loved it so much. It slowly became my hobbies even though I got scolded by my dad tons of times for drawing on my parents’ bedroom. From then on, art has always been something special to me, perhaps because of the exciting little journeys art takes me on when creating, or the little stories that make up the mundanity of life. Doing art makes me become aware of what is happening around me when I seek for inspiration, which helps me a lot in terms of understanding the society. Creating artworks also builds up my confident and concentration while working.

I get inspired a lot by issues in our society and different sides within a human, because there are just so many, varies by different countries and cultures. I also admire the beauty of different races, specifically the face features, which is why I really enjoy drawing portraits. One art era that I really like is Art à la Rue. The sources that drive my creation of art vary as I grow up. Back in primary school, it was my family who inspired me; then in middle school, Japanese and Korean comics were the most important thing that influences my artwork – I mostly only drew characters; at the moment, I am a senior student and studying in a multicultural country, so I am generally inspired by different cultures. My own culture – being a Vietnamese actually does not really influence me much, which I find surprising after looking at all my works.

As for my style of art, I would consider myself to having a quite messy style, perhaps I myself am not a very neat person. I often use many small lines to make up one line and I like to add lots of details in my rough sketches. I enjoy combining complementary hues in all of my artwork because I feel like they would create very efficient emphasis and contrast, I also prefer building up layers of colors – from light to brighter or darker, and playing around with analogous hues. Organic shapes are found in most artworks of mine, I don’t get inspired by geometric shapes or forms very much.

In my own perspective, art is a special form of language, it has the ability to convey not just the definition of an object but also give a soul, a feeling, an expression to that object. Visual art more specifically, can convey a message without using words and sometimes it is even more expressive than words. I believe that all students should at least have experiments with art for once because Art is a huge source of inspiration and motivation; by that I mean they can be inspired and motivated by art to do other things – even Science. It is also important in term of showing one’s culture, background and personality. I say this because I always find myself creating art whenever I am in an impasse or just simply bored, art makes me feel relaxed and energized, motivates me in whatever I do. As for the cultural aspect, art has helped me discover the beauty within myself – my culture, my own style and my difference from everyone else, it makes me realize that every individual is beautiful and special in their own way.