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Media inspired abstract painting




Acrylic paint on wooden board

“Triggered” is an artwork which I created inspired by many issues that are social media – related. The artwork was made using painting brushes, acrylic paint, wooden skateboard and gesso. It was done through two main processes: priming the skateboard and painting. First of all, I used the water and gesso mixture to prime one side the skateboard, using a paintbrush. By priming two layers, the surface of the skateboard then became completely smooth and archival, which makes the painting process much easier. After the gesso settled completely on the skateboard, the painting process began. Two main types of brush which is round and flat brushes in different sizes were used within this painting, there are also two types of hair: nylon hair as to create smooth strokes, …. Several techniques that I used were stippling, glazing, tinting, shading and blending. The two main colors used in the artwork are (peach) orange and minty green. The colors were achieved by mixing and blending primary hues together. These two colors are also complementary on the color wheel, they were used for the the purpose of creating contrast in the artwork.

This artwork was done in an abstract style. It focuses on depicting my uneasy, surprised, disturbed and furious feelings about the general lack of diversity and stereotypes that the media is showing people. Stereotypes in many categories such as genders, races,…have been existing in most movies, social medias, advertisements,… for as long as we can remember without the audience even noticing. This affects the audience’s point of view towards the issues in real life, mostly negatively and it also creates unfairness to the people who are being stereotyped, which leads to many conflicts within the society. Therefore, the one word that I chose to express my feelings to the whole situation was “triggered”. Since the whole artwork followed the abstract concept, the emotions and expressions in this artwork are evoked through the use of colors and painting techniques’ effects.

Looking at the artwork as a whole, there are two main hues that were used: minty green and peach/red. These two group of colors are complementary, they were used for the purpose of creating a big contrast in the artwork and illustrating the surprised, complicated and uneasy feelings of mine. By shading and tinting the two hues, I was able to create different shades of only one color – which represents the lack of diversity in representative on medias. The dripping paint also help to make the expressions clearer – the part where the paint started dripping is the darkest shade of green and the brightest shade of peach (which turned into red) – it is supposed to evoke disturbing and complicated feelings to the audience. The purpose of glazing many layers of different colors on the blanks created when the dripping paint collide is to make it seems like there is another layer of colors which is very light and pastel beneath the two main hues. By doing that, I wanted to convey the idea of how medias are making people think of each other in a stereotypical way, judging each other even before actually getting to know their true personality, background and story.

There are a few parts that I really like about this artwork. First of all, I like the idea of being able to express my feelings towards an issue via an abstract artwork in general. For me, it is more vivid in showing how I feel more than any other concepts. Talking about details on the artwork, I really like the way the colors blended together, the transitions from light to darker and darker created a sense of depth for the artwork. I am also satisfied how the dripping paint turned out to be, they collided and combined pretty well. Having said that, I must say that even though the artwork is quite expressive of the media issue, it might have not fully expressed the word “triggered”. If I could change something to make this better, I would create a sharp zigzag line across the skateboard to create a stronger impression on the audience. I had actually thought of doing this but I was concerned about whether if It was a good step or not – which is also something that I struggled throughout the process.


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