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Showcase painting


“Ariel and her prince charming”


Acrylic on canvas

  “Ariel and her prince charming” is an artwork which I create inspired by the theme fantasy. The artwork was made using acrylic paint, brushes and canvas. Two main types of brush which are round and flat brushes in different sizes were used within this painting, there are also two types of hair: nylon hair as to create smooth strokes and synthetic hair to create harsher strokes. I mostly used smooth strokes in this artwork because the scenery is under the sea and everything is supposed to look blended out together. Several techniques that I used were stippling, glazing, tinting, shading and blending. The two main colors that can be seen in this artwork is blue and red. These two colors are also complementary on the color wheel, they were used for the purpose of creating contrast and emphasis in the artwork.

The purpose of my artwork is to simply depict a particular fantasy within a scenery of a fantasy world. My aim is to convey the message that one’s fantasy world can be beautiful, magnificent yet secular and scary at the same time. In this artwork particularly, I illustrated the fantasy in a negative way. I chose the mermaid because “she” (or “it”) usually refers to an innocent and harmless image but there are actually tales about how mermaids seduce men and eat them. The skull refers to “her prince charming”, this is a sarcastic way of showing how mermaids trick a man into believing he is her prince charming and then kills them later on.

Looking at the artwork as a whole, there are two main hues that were used: blue and red. I chose dark blue because I wanted to create a dark, deep feeling of the ocean. The red color of the mermaid’s hair was inspired by the mermaid Ariel from the same titled movie. It also has the purpose of contrasting with the background, it is the image of fire within the water. The way that I paint the water darker at the edges of the canvas to lighter when it goes towards the mermaid is to create a powerful kind of sense for the mermaid, it also creates some sort of feelings for it. I mostly used brushes that have soft hair in this artwork because I wanted to blend things out more easily and I did not want to leave any stroking lines on my artwork. I used a bit of impasto technique on the mermaid’s scale so the audience can actually see and feel the texture of the scale.

I am quite satisfied with my artwork, even though at the beginning I did not like it very much. The more I painted, the more I liked how my artwork turned out to be. I am the most satisfied with the main object which is the mermaid, I like her sharp face and her scales, I also really love the color of the tail. I wish I could change her position a little bit because it looks quite unbalanced for me. One thing that I struggled the most when making this artwork was that I kept feeling regretted choosing to create this artwork, but halfway through the process that feeling stopped and I started liking it so it was a relieve.


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