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                                                        Mixed media

This sketchbook assignment is about texture study. Each square is a kind of texture using different style: the first one (left side on top) is the realistic style, using only pencils. I chose to draw water because it is quite a challenging thing to draw and I wanted to see if I could make it look realistic, which I think I did quite well. The second one (right side on top) is the abstract style, using colored pencils. I used squiggled lines to create a feeling of water when being softly swirled. The third one (left side below) was made using real materials such as hard candies, rough paper and parts of the sponge. The last one is a mixture of all three styles. I enjoy drawing the realistic style the most because I had been really into realistic drawing lately and I was glad that I challenged myself with something more difficult. Through this assignment, I have learned ways to illustrate texture and I was excited to use them in my other artworks.



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