I am inspired and influenced a lot by manga and manhwa artists. Some of my most favorite artists are Koogi, Haribo and YAMANE Ayano.


manhwa “Killing Stalking” by Koogi is one of my most favorite work from her.

I am also a big fan of Marlene Dumas. She is a contemporary artist and is famous for her own style of self-portrait, I got inspired by her a lot which is why I am very into drawing self-portraits. She mostly uses watercolor or oil paint in her artwork. Some of her artworks that I love are:

Marlene_Dumas_-_The_White_Disease_-_1985Screenshot 2014-04-14 16.25.31

“The white disease”                                                        “Moshekwa”


Music is a huge source that drives my creativity. Without music, I don’t think I can even create any artwork at all. Music helps me find the right feelings, put me in the right mood for art and inspire me so much whenever I am lost or struggle to find ideas. I listen to all kinds of music, however there are certain artists who never fail to impact me strongly with the aesthetic in their songs, such as: Tokio hotel, Eminem (I actually got my name from his daughter’s name) and DBSK.

My favorite song from Tokio hotel is Run, run, run and Automatic. They influences my artwork a lot, because I would always start thinking, daydreaming and got lost in my thoughts whenever I hear these songs.